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Assault Assault
Brings raw power and strength to your team's strategy. This role is responsible for dealing the greater damage, exploding things and wielding an enormous axe.
+30% Attack
Default color:

The Assault team position deals the most damage and wields an axe.

Suggested actors[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Season Cooldown Passive Description
Fan Club
3 Yes Gain double Audience for dealing damage.
Strong Arm
1 Yes Allies executing Teamwork Acrobatics with you may jump 2 extra tiles.
Square House Kick
2 70 Deal 120% damage to all adjacent enemies. (Action)
Almighty Assault
2 Yes Gain +15% Critical chance.
Martial Arts Master
3 Yes Gain +15% base Attack.
Weapon Master
3 Yes Your weapon attacks deal 50% more damage.
It's Cleave Time!
4 Yes 50% chance of hitting all adjacent enemies when you attack.
4 9 turns Move up to 5 tiles in a straight line, dealing 70% damage to all enemies along the way.
Battle Fever
5 13 turns Gain +30% Attack for 3 turns. Heal 40% of your health. Starts on cooldown.
Stunning Parable
5 Yes 50% chance of stunning your target when you attack.