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Assist Assist
The dearest friend of everyone in the team, always optimistic and holding the squad together through the toughest moments. Specializes in healing and bow attacks.
+20% Skill Regen
Default color:

The Assist team position is the friend to the squad. They specialize in healing and wield a bow.

Suggested actors[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Season Cooldown Passive Description
1 120 Heal a single ally up to 4 tiles away for 50% of its health. (Action)
Energy Reserve
1 Yes Gain +15 Skill Regen.
Circle of Friendship
2 160 Heal all allies up to 4 tiles away for 30% of their health. (Action)
2 Yes Gain Skill Regen every time you attack.
5th Gen Phoenix
3 200 Instantly revives a fallen ally up to 3 tiles away with 50% HP. (Action)
Mend Friend
4 140 Ally up to 4 tiles away is cured of all negative effects and healed by 15% of its health. (Free Action)
Fan Club
4 Yes Gain +1 Audience for each HP you heal.
Bow Expertise
4 Yes You deal +70% damage with bows.
Torin's Bravery
5 12 turns All of your healing effects target enemies and deal damage instead. Lasts 5 turns. Starts on cooldown.
Web Shot
5 7 turns Target enemy up to 6 tiles away is stunned for 2 turns. Starts on cooldown.