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Lead Lead
The leader of your squad. Taking responsibility for the group and always acting honorably. This role specializes in protecting and inspiring the rest of the team.
+50% Health
Default color:

The Lead team position is the leader of the squad. They protect and inspire the team.

Suggested actors[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Season Cooldown Passive Description
Fan Club
2 Yes Gain +20 Audience for Team Acrobatic and +35 Audience for Team Attack.
1 5 turns Pull an enemy up to 4 tiles away to the closest position adjacent to you.
Giraffe's Apprentice
2 Yes Deal +30% damage with Spears.
2 Yes Gain +15% HP.
Join Up
3 8 turns All standing allies move to your side.
3 8 turns All enemies up to 7 tiles away will ignore your allies for 3 turns. Heal 30% of your health.
Guardian Beast
4 10 turns Allies up to 2 tiles away from you gain 30 Defense for 3 turns. Starts on cooldown.
Shout of Courage
4 12 turns Allies up to 3 tiles from you gain +30% Attack for 3 turns and are healed by 30% of their health. Starts on cooldown.
Marvelous Strength
5 Yes Teamwork Attacks you participate in do +30% damage.
Role Model
5 Yes Global Audience gain is increased by 20%.