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Scout Scout
The agile acrobat in the team, a daredevil warrior that brings movement and grace to the fight. Specializes in moving fast and stunning enemies.
+1 Movement
Default color:

The Scout team position specializes in movement and stunning enemies.

Suggested actors[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Season Cooldown Passive Description
Fan Club
2 Yes Gain +3 Audience fore each tile you move.
Stunning Pose
1 9 turns Stun adjacent minions, and daze adjacent bosses.
2 Yes Gain +20% Dodge.
2 Yes Gain +2 Move.
Full Power Dagger
3 Yes You deal +50% Critical damage and gain 15% chance to stun with Daggers.
Lightning Dagger
3 7 turns Make a lightning attack at melee range.
Biinon's Invisibility
4 7 turns Enemies ignore you and you gain +100% attack for 3 turns, heal 20% of your health. This effect will end early if you cause any damage.
Fast Reflexes
4 Yes Always perform a Counter when you Dodge an attack.
Rogue Like
5 Yes Using Daggers now has no Cooldown.
5 12 turns Hit all enemies in a column up to 3 tiles away, dealing 200% damage.