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Techie Techie
The teams most resourceful fighter, combining the use of items and weapons with a superior intellect. Specializes in long-range combat through skill.
Gain Skill Regen when you use any Skill
Default color:

The Techie team position specializes in resourcefulness and long-range combat.

Suggested actors[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Season Cooldown Passive Description
Fan Club
3 Yes Gain +20 Audience from using Skills.
1 6 turns Attack all enemies for 80% damage, range 3 (Requires Pistol).
Find Weakness
1 7 turns Target up to 4 tiles away takes 30% more damage for 3 turns.
Sniper Cat
2 Yes Gain +8% damage for each tile of distance to your target when you attack.
2 9 turns Teleport yourself to any free position up to 7 tiles away.
Time Sink
3 9 turns All enemies up to 4 tiles away get -3 Move and -50% Attack (rounded down) by 2 turns.
Weapon Expertise
3 Yes You deal +30% damage with Pistols and Rifles.
Cool Invention
4 12 turns Give +40 Defense for 3 turns to target ally up to 4 tiles away. Heal 50% of target's HP. Starts on cooldown.
Energy Reserve
4 Yes Gain +15 Skill Regen.
Supreme Nerdiness
5 Yes 25% Chance that Skills won't have any cooldown.
5 10 turns Every ranged attack knocks targets 4 tiles away and deal 30% extra damage. Lasts for 3 turns. Starts on cooldown.